WTF My Monitors are insomniacs!

***edit 7/20/2019***
After all the the below shenanigans i figured it out was my razer gamepad, and have put it on a switched usb hub. UGH.
*** end edit***

I have been chasing this issue across 2 entire builds and have had mixed success on solving it. So here are my current steps and the results for attempting to get my monitor to go to sleep when i walk away from my desktop.

First the conditions. Normally on a fresh install of windows i set my desktop to a 5 minute monitor timeout. I often get distracted or pulled into another project when wandering out of my office and hate the temporary burn in and power usage of the monitors being on. Once i get drivers updated, and programs installed i have found i end up with a lot of times when ill come back after a few hours an all my screens are powered on despite a completely idle system.

Step one to figuring out why they wont sleep is to open a CMD prompt w/ admin rights

Then we need to see if there are any wake requests, so we want to run powercfg -requests which shows

Now i see that VB-Aduios driverr is requesting the system stay online. Since this is a driver lock we can run powercfg -REQUESTSOVERRIDE DRIVER VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO (ROOT\MEDIA\0000) SYSTEM in this case. Then we can validate the driver is added to the override list with powercfg -REQUESTSOVERRIDE. The output can be seen below.

Part 2: Display Override

After completing the first part of this testing i realized i had put in a override for the system not the display so while my system would sleep in theory, i don’t have it configured to do so. So after being greeted with a a group of fully lit monitor upon walking back into my office i decided to try overriding with the powercfg /REQUESTSOVERRIDE DRIVER VB-Audio VoiceMeeter VAIO (ROOT\MEDIA\0000) DISPLAY. Using the /REQUESTSOVERRIDE command again without any other input allows us to confirm it is now showing a display override [highlighted] not a system override.

*updated 5/17/2020*
My monitors still will not idle out.

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